life is a challenge within itself, its up to us to overcome the obstacles of emotions,weight,professions,adulthood,and etc..when we achieve we not only better ourself but our spirits so over come your obstacles and live for a better you; perfect imperfections are what we are and NO ONE WILL OR CAN EVER CHANGE THAT:)

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Monday, December 12, 2011

In denial but optimistic:)

i am not trying to think about how i wont be able to update and link up Christmas it has become part of my weight loss regime. i plan on continuing to update my weight loss even after the challenge is over so please feel free to keep in touch everyone.. but on a sidenote,thanks for allowing me to join Mir and Angela. i don't think i would have taken my weight loss so serious if i did not have the support of everyone in this group. i think i would have given up about 3 weeks in. I have never blogged before until i joined this group;now i can not stop. if i do not blog at least once a week i fee like my week is not complete. everyone around my is starting to notice that i have and i am taking my weight loss serious. i am starting to do more cardio workouts so when spring time comes around i will be able to jog with the kids with no asthma related problems( i hope). I am still unsure of how to browse through the website and see different blogs and challenges so i think that is something i will start doing this week, time permitted that is.

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  1. Congrats on being down 2 lbs. You go girl!!!
    I know what yu mean about how the challenge has kept your honest. I know I would've given up a few times if I did not have the support of everyone. I hope I can get in on the next challenge in 2012.