life is a challenge within itself, its up to us to overcome the obstacles of emotions,weight,professions,adulthood,and etc..when we achieve we not only better ourself but our spirits so over come your obstacles and live for a better you; perfect imperfections are what we are and NO ONE WILL OR CAN EVER CHANGE THAT:)

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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

tunnel vision

With me knowing the fact i am so close to being 160 my mind has been set into tunnel vision. i am working out more then before, walking,jogging,and dancing and lately i have been on a soup kick; all kinds,(crab,broccoli and cheese, lentil, chicken..those are just some of the soups i have been eating for lunch), my breakfast consists of a different bagel w/o creme cheese.(multi grain, blueberry,cinnamon raisin, plain) and my snacks are apples and oranges. my husband said to me the other day" i love your determination, when you put your mind to something you always excel".. that made me feel so good and it felt like a big kick in the right direction. I know i can achieve my goal and i will everyone that saw me try on my Christmas dress said i look great but i know i can look better,lol 37 pounds doesn't sound like a lot but i held a 40lb weight the other day and i couldn't believe that's what i am carrying on my body. I have to thank this challenge for giving me the mindset to lose weight because i never had the confidence to do it other wise.SO THANKS CDCC AND EVERYONE IN IT!

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  1. You will look better. Although, I do think you look good in it now...and people pay big money for injections and stuff to get a butt that hot!!!! You'll make it. And when you get to the place you want to be, you'll have ANOTHER great outfit to show off!!!!

    Hope the children are doing great. colds and flu season sucks for asthmatics!