life is a challenge within itself, its up to us to overcome the obstacles of emotions,weight,professions,adulthood,and etc..when we achieve we not only better ourself but our spirits so over come your obstacles and live for a better you; perfect imperfections are what we are and NO ONE WILL OR CAN EVER CHANGE THAT:)

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Thursday, December 1, 2011

continuing weight loss

so i am really optimistic that is can reach 160 before the challenge is over..i cannot believe that it will be over before we know it, i feel like i have really got to know everyone closely..i hope we all can keep in touch even after the challenge. i am looking to still lose weight by my birthday in June i would like to be around 130-135.  that would even be fine and since i still have a lot of weight to lose. I am grateful that i met so many females with the same mindset that i have when it comes to weight loss; To read everyone story and be apart of someone else's success is a fantastic feeling to me;but i was wondering if there are any challenges i can join after this one is over for the summer season please let me know..

1 comment:

  1. I am believing your goal for you!!!! I am!!!!

    There are ALWAYS challenges. That's one thing the fatfighting community likes to do. I'll be starting another one...pretty similar to this one, but more rules. Yeah, yeah, I like rules. :)

    Happy new month to you, girl!