life is a challenge within itself, its up to us to overcome the obstacles of emotions,weight,professions,adulthood,and etc..when we achieve we not only better ourself but our spirits so over come your obstacles and live for a better you; perfect imperfections are what we are and NO ONE WILL OR CAN EVER CHANGE THAT:)

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

back on track for weigh-in

so far this week has been pretty good i walked for 25 minutes up a steep hill with the weights in my purse and wearing heels;) i am going to do some cycling on the bike for 20 minutes tonight and  I'm going to end the night with some yoga for 20 minutes.. my calorie intake today was 1150..after working out that son is doing a lot better, he his almost 100% so that is a great thing.i plan on weighing myself Friday so i will have a accurate weight for the weigh in this week. i am really trying to lose at least 3 pounds between this week and next week, especially since i was kinda off track last week. i know i can do it with motivation and support from family and friends;)


  1. Get that exercise in and kick some butt lol. Im here if you need to chat and Im glad to hear Kris is doing better. :)

  2. Glad to hear your son is feeling better! Nice job with the exercise, keep it up. :)

  3. Yes, you CAN do it. Absolutely.

    Thank God that your son is so improved! I know for a mom, that's a stressful thing. Let's hope the rest of this year is easy on all of us with breathing issues.

    Take care and keep going!

  4. Wonderful that Kristian is doing better! That's the best news.