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Thursday, September 29, 2011

my new workout plan:)

i have started a new workout regime every night after i eat dinner, i ride my stationary bike for 20-25 minutes at 21 mph, i then do 20 minutes of yoga and finish with 5 minutes of stomach crunches; while during the day i walk for 25 minutes with my weights and i try to consume 1200 calories a day but after my workouts yesterday and eating healthy i had 1290 calories left..i had to redo the math and made sure i didn't skip any foods and drinks. the good thing is i didn't but now i know i can consume a little more without beinging and overdoing on my diet. i wanted to lose at least 3 lbs this week and i have been avoiding the scale until i am open to any ideas on what i can do to consume less and still burn a fair amount of calories.
i have to buy more fruit because while i was in the hospital with my son my daughter had a

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  1. Why would you want to consume less? You should never drop below 1200 calories a day its starvation more and very dangerous. Congrats on working out :) 21 mph is crazy fast I used to do 20-22 for an hour and Omg did it suck LOL I was dripping sweat and guzzling water. Keep it up!!! Oh and on the 15 th the babies go back so that means we need to start finding days to exercise together. I'm sending something in to the y to see if they can help me join. Then if and when I'm accepted I need to find someone to play basketball with me :) I miss it soooooooo much! Well anyways congrats on the work outs and I know you will have a great wi tomorrow