life is a challenge within itself, its up to us to overcome the obstacles of emotions,weight,professions,adulthood,and etc..when we achieve we not only better ourself but our spirits so over come your obstacles and live for a better you; perfect imperfections are what we are and NO ONE WILL OR CAN EVER CHANGE THAT:)

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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

a little discouraged

So when i initially started my weight loss i was 187 now I'm 180, i did get down to 178 but cheated a few days which put me back to 180. I am more determined than ever to lose not only baby weight but to get back down to a healthy state of mind. i do not want to lose no more than 50 pounds, i requested to join a weight loss blog group but since I'm new to blogging i am pretty sure i wont get accepted, i have to stay optimistic about that though.I know i can do this weight loss challenge on my own it will be better with the support of others but maybe I'm meant to do it alone.I would love to lose 50 pounds in 14 weeks but if not i  want to lose it all before my birthday next year. I will be a happier me,i will be able to say I'm 25 and 50 pounds lighter:).i have cut out all sweets, i am thinking about becoming a vegetarian again. i was way more healthy then and what i lacked in protein wise i would take vitamins for;i had less problems with my asthma and vision when i was smaller in weight. they say life is about choices and it time for me to make mine and get back on the right track,after i was given a second chance of life i need to make the best of it.And that is what i will do.I WILL LOSE THIS WEIGHT, I WILL DO LOSE IT BEFORE MY BIRTHDAY,I WILL BE A BETTER ROLE MODEL NOT ONLY TO OTHERS BUT MY CHILDREN, SHOWING THEM THAT YOU CAN EAT RIGHT AND STILL BE HAPPY WITH YOURSELF!!!


  1. Of course you can. YES, you can. Think in terms of changing how you eat and move FOR LIFE, becoming a new person INSIDE who does X and Y healthful things OUTSIDE. It's the inner transformation that works hand in hand with the actions to form the new person who does the new things.

    It's hard work. And it's nice to have support, right?

    And you are accepted. :)

    Welcome to the CDCC challenge. Please review the challenge rules to make sure you're ready for Sunday's kick-off. Just a few days to get ready! And off we go to make that smaller dress fit beautifully,

    See you soon...